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Kangoo I (1,5dCi) fab jahr 2007_Sicherungskasten (Plauderei)

Superaxel @, Das Herz Westfalens, Donnerstag, 20.02.2020, 12:33 (vor 140 Tagen) @ KangooLove

Better in english.

When you change the fuse board of your Kangoo you should definetely also repair the last part of the wiring ending in the fuse board. The cables will be damaged by the fire and should not be used again.

If you do so it might be your Kangoo starts burning there again.

Best way to buy a fuse board is to look for a car recycling. The boards are mostly identical with other Renault cars, so there might be a good chance to find one.

You should also clean drainings under the windscreen. We guess water ran down your cables and caused corrosion and the fire in the end.


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