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no... (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Buggy, vogelsgebirge, Wednesday, 08.03.2023, 20:02 (vor 202 Tagen) @ Kan Doit

i just take the same manufacturer (i thought - i just read the bills again, they are diferent / may be just the boxes who knows ? )
the calipers are nearly the same - i didn't test if they are replaceable.
i only remember, that i readed a post that it is possible to use ther stronger springs of the a4 calipers on the 4x4 calipers ... but this i didn't tried equally.

i hope the old schoolenglish isn't so bad.

VF1KCOHAF19797945 entsorgt :(
VF1KCAVAK34629235 4x4

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