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no... (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Kan Doit, Friday, 10.03.2023, 12:56 (vor 443 Tagen) @ Buggy

the schoolboy english is fine , i only have one language and i struggle with that at times, and if you had to ask me about my schooling days , i can not remember what i did last year without risking a nosebleed and falling over , anyway thanks about replying to the brake queston . By being an old ford type car driver ,i have collected some parts and had to adapt some over the years , recently i had to rebuild my kangoo 1.4 front calipers , and the front disc s were being renewed as well. The caliper mounting bracket had a familiar bolt spacing to me , a tape measure roughly confirmed it to be same as my old ford cortina mk1 front brake caliper. Not that i am going to put some old ford cortina brake calipers onto my kangoo , but i had upgraded my cortina front calipers to austin princess 4 pot calipers, with the spacer piece , some years ago and i still have a set of older worn out ones . These bolted straight onto the kangoo with the renault bolts , and they positioned center over the disc , which was to small in diameter of course being only 240mm. But in my scrap pile was an old set of kangoo 260mm diameter discs these fit very well , so next i tried to fit the 14 inch kangoo steel rim , but these just catch/rub the top of the austin princess caliper , but the rim is clear to bolt up to the hub , so if a 15 inch rim was to be used it could work. Maybe all useless information for most people, but i found it interesting , of course i will not be doing this .cheers for now

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