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4x4 rebody (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Kan Doit, Monday, 27.02.2023, 14:36 (vor 207 Tagen)

hello, new to here , have owned 3 mk1 type kangoo mpv ,all were driven until the engines failed to pass the annual test , great little cars , fairly easy to fix ,and now all my old ones are slowly being used to transfer their parts over into my latest mk1 ,2001 1.4 petrol , sadly all are not 4x4 . These are very rare here in ireland and to import one now is just not do able for me , but i wonder if its mechanically possible to transfer most of the 4x4 parts onto a 2 wheel drive shell , as i do have a good body shell ,some car rebuilding experience , and i do have the rear subframe from a kangoo 4x4. Yes i know it can not be done unless you are really bloody stubborn and yes i know its not a good economicly sound plan either , but that has not put me off a few other daft projects in the past , i await answers , and rejections . plus ideas ,thanks to all .

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