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4x4 rebody (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Kan Doit, Monday, 27.02.2023, 22:21 (vor 453 Tagen) @ Kangoo-Center -TML

Thanks ,this the exact information i am looking for , yes i realised the front subframe is differant as the mounting points on it are longer /higher to gain the 40mm , all do-able with some weld fabrication work , the 4x4 steering rack has a pinion stem length of 80mm , a standard rack has 40mm , so an extension piece needed or longer steering columns lower section needed, plus i am right hand drive so slightly harder to source a good 4x4 rh rack . We are also in a trade war with b wreckit , so ordering one off the e bay uk is costly even secondhand , we are also finding it a lot harder to import cars from them as well now .The cardan /propshaft bearing mounts ,well not too difficult to make up a metal framework and weld those in to suit , the exhaust i can make to suit my self from stainless steel pipe and some bends , the rear subframe mounting points into the bodywork , well some lathe turned steel bungs threaded for bolts and some metal sheetwork folded /fabrication to cover over neatly ---i think thats possible or do- able . So onto the next hurdle to jump over ,till later ,cheers

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