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4x4 rebody (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Kan Doit, Monday, 27.02.2023, 17:49 (vor 361 Tagen) @ Kangoo-Center -TML

Thats why i am on this forum , to ask if it could be done , if the body shells are the same , do they share the same floor pan layout , i can get hold of some 4x4 parts from a scrapped one , but only the very basic parts are useable ,and i have doubts about some of the parts being from the original 4x4 , like the front struts and the hub carriers , as the van was in a collision some time ago and stripped down .Some parts went missing and were later replaced , but with what and from where ? as no part stockist in ireland would have ever sold 4x4 replacement parts . But i have a plan . One of the most unique parts is the rear subframe and the rear suspension arms , which i do have and the rear anti roll bar. Sorry I did not say it would be built up on my 1.4 mpv , i have another body shell in good enough condition to base this build up on .I will/would have to source the engine and gearbox ,propshaft , plus rear differential from another type of 4x4. Once i have stripped out the last of the usefull parts from my old 1.2 mpv , i will then be able to check if the 4x4 rear subframe can be put into a mk1 mpv . So onto the next problem ,the fuel tank , as they seem to be unique to the 4x4 .

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