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4x4 rebody (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Kan Doit, Monday, 27.02.2023, 19:45 (vor 211 Tagen) @ Superaxel

Thanks , yes i have looked into it about all the special parts needed , and the expense of it , but most of it can be gotten around by modification , well apart from the plastic fuel tank of course , but i am still trying to see if the actual body and floor pan are the same across all the mk1 kangoo . Yes the mk1 did undergo an update to the front panelwork but not underneath to the subframes and floorpans as far as i know .This will be a project build for me , the labour is out of my own time , i can weld and fabricate , and after building up my mk1 cortina from a wrecked rotten shell, stripped down to its bare naked body not a bolt left on it ,then modifying the whole car-- as there was no point to a total original restoration. I think i am able for a mk1 kangoo , but not going to go overboard and make a show car of it , i would like to build a camping option with it , which i can then re-register and avail of reduced road tax and insurance . This is to fit in with a later on plan of life , cheers for now.

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