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4x4 rebody (TTT-Technik, Tipps und Tricks)

Superaxel, Das Herz Westfalens, Monday, 27.02.2023, 17:31 (vor 482 Tagen) @ Kan Doit


unfortunatelly the 4x4 Body is totally different from the 2x4 standard versions. The complete drivetrain, axles, diff and stuff need special moutings. Brakes are different, you need special mufflers and stuff. This is, what makes the Kangoo 4x4 that damn expensive: looks like a standard Renault but needs a whole bunch of parts, only needed in that special model.

Kangoo 4x4 LHD will cost around 5000€ in fairly good condition on the continent. Traditionally the british LHD cars used to be like 30-40% cheaper, but the Kangoo 4x4 is very rare.


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